Estia (little bit of history)

 (H)Estia was the domestic Goddess of the hearth domesticity, hospitality and family life.
The Greeks said that it was (H)Estia who first taught men how to build houses.

She was also responsible for protecting every household and hearth on Earth, and whenever there was any change made in the family they offered sacrifices to Estia

Her importance is not fully reflected in the few surviving myths. In fact she is often referred to as the forgotten Goddess. In the past, if the hearth fire was ever extinguished it had to be ritually relit with the flame from her temple.
There were also public hearths dedicated to her known as prytaneions. The most famous of these were sited at Olympia and at Delphi. In these hearths the first fruits, oil, wine and cows were sacrificed to her.
She gave up her seat as one of the Olympians to Dionysus so she could tend the sacred fire on Mount Olympus. Compared to many of her fellow Goddesses she is a breath of fresh air since she is not prone to jealously and constant meddling in other people’s affairs like the other Olympians.

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